Essence. The essence wood, the excellence of style

Our aim was to forge a new kitchen, which responded to our desire to create a protagonist yet friendly environment, that would be  totally unique in his way.
The uniqueness of the proposed innovation consists primarily in the materials that are used: four different types of wood (walnut, ash, oak, cherry) compose the elements of this kitchen.

As you can see, the essences that prevail and at the same time contrast between them are the essence of canaletto walnut from brown color, also used to coat the ende sides, tops, shelves and base, and the essence of ash that has a yellow colour.

What is the effect and design, looking  at the photo of the kitchen closely, is the continuity of the strips that presents no handle or grip for the opening of the door. For this reason a small piston was mounted that allows the opening of the door and of the drawers with a slight pressure; in a variant, the kitchen has a door frame and is more traditional, while still maintaining a certain originality.

The richness of the materials fit perfeclty in a design with clean lines and in the accessories, in the natural treatment of wood, declined in a contemporary style. The strips are brushed to highlight the fine grain of the wood and are painted with ecological WATER PAINT. The effect we wanted to achieve is the same as untreated wood, with the exception that the paint protects the surface and makes it waterproof.

Even the doors with a frame are available in two versions by changing the essence: frame in ash essence and frame in canaletto walnut.

The appliances that are proposed (oven, cooker hoods, stove, sink) are highly technological but perfectly integrated into the furniture.

The kitchen "Essence" focuses on our priorities: the quality of craft and the rigor of the experience at the service of our customers.

Multiple design and model N. 001088017-0001/001088017-0012 community deposited.

Design by Carlo Anselmi.

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